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Thoughtful Unique Gifts That You & Your Dog Will Love!

We’ve found some amazing and innovative dog gifts which are perfect for dog birthdays, celebrations or just to let your dog know how much you love him!  Our dog gifts including dog birthday cakes,  cool outfits for your dog,  luxurious dog beds and cool tech gadgets and interactive toys for your dog to enjoy   Your dog will have so much fun!   We’ve also found some great gifts for dog lovers too. We’re adding new quality dog gifts each week so please return!

  • Cool Gadgets

    Cool Gadgets (9)

    Cool Tech Dog Gadgets We love cool gadgets and we've found amazing ones for dogs!  You'll have fun too and some of them are interactive via an app.  Let us know what you think if you buy one.  We will be envious!
  • Dog Apparel

    Dog Apparel (11)

    Dog Fashion & Apparel Your dog will look so cool in these cute dog outfits and accessories!  The perfect gift for your dog!  We are adding more products every week so please return.
  • Dog Beds & Carriers

    Dog Beds & Carriers (7)

    Dog Beds, Blankets & Carriers
  • Dog Birthday Gifts & Treats

    Dog Birthday Gifts & Treats (7)

    Dog Birthday Gifts & Treats We have found some really fun unique gifts for your dog's birthday! From tasty birthday cakes to dog beer there's no excuse not to have a good time!
  • Dog Food & Drink

    Dog Food & Drink (12)

    We've found delicious tasty dog treats, birthday cakes and even dog beer that your pet will love!  Just don't be tempted to try them yourself!
  • Dog Lovers

    Dog Lovers (11)

    Gifts for People Who Love Dogs Perfect gifts for dog moms, dog dads and anyone who loves dogs.
  • Dog Toys

    Dog Toys (8)

    Unique Fun Dog Toys Your dog or puppy will love these unique gifts!  Perfect for celebrating your dog's adoption, birthday, special occasions or just to let your dog know how much he/she is loved!  We also have dog toys which will keep your dog mentally stimulated and help to entertain him/her which is ideal for pets with anxiety or high…
  • Personalized Dog Gifts

    Personalized Dog Gifts (7)

    Personalized Dog Gifts Add a personal touch to your dog gift with a name or message
  • View All

    View All (50)

    View All Dog Gifts Not sure what to choose? Browse our entire selection of dog products and gifts.  These are displayed in random order.

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