Cupcakes for Dogs – Safe for dogs to eat $15 for 12

Dog Cup Cake

Does your dog love cake?  Mine does but he can’t eat cake made for humans.   Luckily some clever people have come up with a dog-friendly recipe and have created delicious cupcakes with sprinkles that your dog will love!

These cute cupcakes come in packs of 12 and they have a tasty vanilla flavour with yogurt topping covered in sprinkles.  It’s a good idea to freeze some of the cupcakes when they arrive so that you can defrost them and give them to your dog over a period of time.  Eating 12 cupcakes in one go is not good for anyone (two-legged or four-legged!).

If you are celebrating your dog’s birthday you can even stick a candle in one of these cupcakes to have some birthday fun!

Please note that the cupcakes will have their paper cup lining still on so please remove this before giving them to your dog.

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  1. Jeff Thomas

    These doggy cupcakes look almost too good for my dog (sorry Billie!). Can humans eat them too? Asking for a friend!

    1. Dog Gifts

      Ha! No idea! I’m sticking to cupcakes for humans rather than dog cupcakes just to be on the safe side. Also I don’t think my dog would be happy if I ate his food!

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